Our Coffee

Mister Close is proud to¬†offer one of Australia’s most awarded coffee brands, Campos to the heart of Melbourne.

Distinguishing itself from other specialty coffee brands, Campos was one of the first proponents of ‘direct trade’, a term used by coffee roasters who buy straight from coffee growers, thereby eliminating the traditional middleman buyers, sellers and other commercial interest groups. Campos and Mister Close champions the direct trade method because it allows them to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers around the world, while ensuring the very best quality of coffee that the Campos customer has come to expect.

Campos prides itself on sustainability and traceability and are constantly visiting farms, meeting farmers, workers and their families… and this inspired Mister Close to approach Campos to be our official supplier of “liquid gold”.

A+ Coffee

Campos Superior


A True Specialty Coffee Blend. Dominant PNG caramel intonations with fruit and toffee highlights. An Extremely well balanced and consistent cup. This blend has great dimension and is well suited with milk or black.

Swiss Water Process Decaf Espresso Blend

Swiss Water Process Decaf Espresso Blend


Our very own decaffeinated blend with a solid body and enjoyable dimension. Tenor, centre palate flavours with plumb resonance. Chemical free decaffeinated with panache!