In Our Class

It took a long time for us to open Mister Close and we are indebted to our dear family and friends who have offered us nothing but support and encouragement throughout the whole process.  We are pretty proud of what we have built, but we also work with a range of suppliers, friends and good people who help us operate Mister Close and give our customers all we can. So this page is all about giving them a shout out and thanking them for their support.


Mister Close is proud to work with a range of premium suppliers to ensure that the quality of ingredients that make up our daily offerings are the best. Our suppliers include Dench Bakeries, Leaf Tea Australia, Madam Flavour Teas, Phoenix Organic soft drinks, That’s Amore Cheese and many more.


Creative Order and its co-founder David Marc Marinelli have rocked our world. After creating Mister Close’s brand and introducing his image to the world, the team continue to work tirelessly to detail our overall customer experience, from digital through to visual communication within our space. Giving life to Fiona Crombie’s iconic face illustration, they have helped us create a super handsome, extremely knowledgable and very witty Mister Close.

Creative Order is a boutique brand design studio built on a partnership between David Marc Marinelli and Todd Lopez. They help their clients tell their stories in extraordinary ways, using brand building, online experiences and visual communications to create connections between their clients and their client’s customers.

Russell & George

Mister Close was designed by Russell & George, who were amazing throughout the whole process. Russell & George was created through the merger of the multi award winning businesses of Ryan Russell and Byron George Architects. Established formally on April fools day 2010, the goal of the practice is to create design solutions that extend thresholds and blur the line between different fields of design practice. This creates a dialogue between people and the places they inhabit and engage with. Interiors become urban design schemes, industrial design works become art pieces, architecture becomes interior design. Russell & George prefer to design rather than source, don’t believe in trends and treat every opportunity as a way of revealing hidden personalities of their clients. This is a fairly eclectic and difficult approach but is one that constantly reinvents and reinvigorates their design view and process.