Health and Safety Policies for Catering Services in Australia 560x416 - Health and Safety Policies for Catering Services in Australia

Every catering business or food service in Australia needs to comply with the basic health and safety regulations when it comes to serving or transporting food to customers. Here are some laws and policies that every service needs to comply with to operate legally in the eyes of the law.

Be Careful When Handling Food in the Business

A food business or professional catering service must ensure that employees supervising or handling food should have some knowledge about food hygiene and safety. Having a few skills to promote the safe handling of food should always be observed. Without these skills, food like fruits and vegetables might sustain damage.

Food from Suppliers Must Be of the Highest Quality

Food services should only accept food that has undergone stringent testing, and that is protected from the likelihood of contamination. The supplier should be labelled on the product in the form of a business name, address, and contact details should the product not fulfil the needs of the business. If the food was imported, this should be mentioned.

Health and Safety Policies for Catering Services in Australia 1 - Health and Safety Policies for Catering Services in Australia

Businesses Must Ensure that Food is Stored Safely

The food needs to be always preserved and protected from contamination. The food should therefore be stored in a suitable environment, where temperatures and environmental conditions won’t affect the preservation of the food.

Certain temperatures may affect the suitability of the food, and the consumption might lead to disease or illness. A food business must therefore store food in an environment that is under temperature control.

Food Packaging Should Be Free of Contamination

Food services should use packaging and material that is not likely to cause contamination. Suppliers should also take care to avoid contamination during the packaging process. Services should opt for bio-degradable packaging.

Food Should Be Transported with Utmost Care

The transportation of food needs to be done with all the necessary health and safety measures in place to protect food items from becoming rotten. Some foods need to be transported to occasions like formal events under controlled temperatures. Cold storage vehicles should be equipped to handle the load.

Finally, the food industry must ensure that it should be clean everywhere food is served. Businesses should avoid excess food waste, grease, plastic, and garbage. Contact this platform for more advice about food safety.

These health and safety policies regarding food are not just valid for Australians but can be applied to all businesses in the food industry.